Ōji-kōen Station

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Ōji-kōen Station

Ōji-kōen Station (王子公園駅 Ōji-kōen-eki?) is a railway station in Nada-ku, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan. It is located at the southeastern corner of Oji Park, which includes Oji Stadium and the city zoo (Oji Zoo).



Adjacent stations[edit]

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Hankyu Railway
Kobe Line
Limited Express: no stop
Morning Commutation Limited Express: no stop
Rapid Express: no stop
Rokko   Express   Kasuganomichi
Rokko   Commutation Express   Kasuganomichi
Rokko   Local   Kasuganomichi

Coordinates: 34°42′37″N 135°13′06″E / 34.71028°N 135.21833°E / 34.71028; 135.21833