Okrugs of the Ukrainian SSR

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Okrugs of the Ukrainian SSR
Ukraine 1932-1937.png
Administrative division of Ukraine in 1932-37.
Category Subdivision of an oblast
Location  Ukrainian SSR
Created 1933-1938
Number 7 (1 initially) (as of 1937)
Subdivisions raions (districts)

Okrugs of the Ukrainian SSR refers to special administrative divisions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic that were part of three oblasts and existed from 1933 to 1937 (some to 1938). Most of them were border administrative units that existed along the western border of the Soviet Union.

List of okrugs[edit]

Most of okrugs existed within the Vinnytsia Oblast. Special agricultural okrug centered in Starobilsk existed within the Donetsk Oblast. The border okrugs from 1935 to 1937, while the Starobilsk okrug existed in 1933-1938.

Vinnytsia Oblast[edit]

  • Kamianets-Podilsky Okrug
  • Mohyliv-Podilsky Okrug
  • Proskuriv Okrug
  • Shepetivka Okrug

Kiev Oblast[edit]

  • Korosten Okrug
  • Novohrad-Volynsky Okrug

Donetsk Oblast[edit]

  • Starobilsk Okrug