Ol' Man Adam an' His Chillun

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Ol’ Man Adam an’ His Chillun
AuthorRoark Bradford
IllustratorA. B. Walker
CountryUnited Kingdom
United States
SubjectReligion, dogma
PublisherHarper & Brothers
Publication date
Media typePrint: Hardcover
Pages264 pp (first edition)

Ol’ Man Adam an’ His Chillun is a collection of pseudo African American folk tales written by Roark Bradford and published in the United Kingdom and the United States in 1928. It was compared to the Uncle Remus tales and had moderate success, the Chicago Post called it "howlingly funny".[1] Poet Sterling Brown criticized the way it depicted African Americans.[1]

The book was soon adapted to a play The Green Pastures by Marc Connelly which won the 1930 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.[2] This was later made into the 1936 movie The Green Pastures.

Black actor Mantan Moreland adapted it for Caedmon Records based on material in the book.[1]


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