Old Almaden Winery

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Old Almaden Winery
USA-San Jose-Almaden Winery-Original Building-1.jpg
The original building of Almaden winery
Location Near 1530 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, California
Coordinates 37°14′15″N 121°53′35″W / 37.23761°N 121.892951°W / 37.23761; -121.892951Coordinates: 37°14′15″N 121°53′35″W / 37.23761°N 121.892951°W / 37.23761; -121.892951
Official name: Almaden Vineyards[1]
Designated July 31, 1953
Reference no. 505
Old Almaden Winery is located in San Jose, California
Old Almaden Winery
Location in San Jose

The Old Almaden Winery is a historic wine production site in Santa Clara County, California situated on the eastern slopes of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The winery is no longer in operation, the Almaden Vineyards company moved to Madera, California, and the vestigial remains of the property have been made into a public park; much of the prior winery grounds have also been converted to single family residential uses, following a series of environmental planning studies.[2][3] Established in 1852, the Old Almaden Winery was the oldest winery in California,[4] and the site is designated as a California Historical Landmark.[1]

One of the old remaining heritage trees from the estate is a 72-inch schinus molle (California Pepper Tree), previously part of the old mansion grounds on the winery estate.[5]


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