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The Old Christian Cemetery, Abbottabad (also known as the OCC, or the Gora Qabristan White-people's cemetery), is a cemetery situated in Abbottabad town, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (formerly North-West frontier Province), Pakistan. It dates from British colonial times.[1]

A grave at the OCC Abbottabad, 1853


The cemetery was established in 1853[2] when James Abbott (Indian Army officer) founded Abbottabad town itself and for long, it remained the main Christian cemetery in the town and for the nearby Galyat hill tracts[3] and was later attached to St. Luke's Church, Abbottabad when it was completed in 1864.[4] The cemetery contains many interesting old graves and memorials.[5] Most of these have Frontier military campaigns' connections and significance[6] for military historians, including the graves or tombs of Major Hugh Rees James,[7] Major Leigh Richmond Battye[8] and Colonel A W Crookshank, as well as others.[9] The Rev. Henry Fisher Corbyn, of the Bengal Ecclesiastical Establishment, who spent long years here as Vicar, and who had previously served in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and established a 'charitable home' there at Ross Island (Andaman)[10] is also buried here. Also buried here is Lady Julia Helen Palmer (née Aylmer; died 1896) first wife of General Sir Arthur Power Palmer, a former Commander-in-Chief, India.[11]

Present status[edit]

Since Partition and Independence of Pakistan in 1947, the Old Christian Cemetery has suffered considerable neglect, due to various financial constraints upon the Church of Pakistan[12] and maybe around 70-80 of the older graves dating back prior to 1947, still survive and can be properly verified.[13] It is interesting to note that a family of Muslim caretakers lives within the precincts of the cemetery, who have been traditional caretakers of the site since circa 1902-1903,[14] prior to which time two retired Gurkha soldiers of the 5th Royal Gurkha Rifles used to tend to it, from around the 1870s onwards.

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