Old Grange railway station

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The old Grange railway station remnants

Old Grange railway station was a railway station located in the western Adelaide suburb of Grange. The platform is located on the western side of Military Road, and was disconnected from the railway line in March 1986. It was located 13.2 kilometres from Adelaide station.


The station opened in September 1882 as the terminus of the Grange line. Initially operated by a private company, the South Australian Railways took over the line in the 1890s, and extended it to Henley Beach. On 31 August 1957, the line was cut back to Grange. This closed on 9 March 1986 when a new Grange station opened to the east of Military Road. The new station being built to prevent road traffic from being disrupted from arriving trains. The ticket office and shelter was demolished shortly after but the unused platform remains in place.

Coordinates: 34°54′06″S 138°29′26″E / 34.9018°S 138.4906°E / -34.9018; 138.4906