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Old Holborn tobacco and rolling papers

Old Holborn is a brand of hand rolling tobacco produced by Richard Lloyd & Sons (a subsidiary of Gallaher Group which itself is a subsidiary of Japan Tobacco). The trademark is a depiction of Staple Inn in Holborn, London.[1]


It is available in four varieties; a dark virginia tobacco, with blue packaging, a lighter form which comes with yellow packaging, a lighter form from the previous which comes with white packaging and an aromatic tobacco with orange packaging. All four of them are available in pouches with a net weight of 12.5 grams, 25g and 50g; Old Holborn is also sold in a box of ten sealed 50-gram pouches as well as in little drums of 100g. In Germany the packaging volume of the pouches holding the dark tobacco (blue packaging) has been reduced from former 50g, later 40g, to now 38g.


Old Holborn tobacco is made in the European Union.

The moniker, "Old Holborn" (pronounced "old hobun"), originates from the street name Holborn in London, England, where Richard Lloyd started combining different tobaccos in 1785.[2]


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