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Ole Petter Andreassen
Also known as El Doom, Ollis, Ztalin
Born (1970-09-22) 22 September 1970 (age 46)
Flekkefjord, Norway
Genres Death metal, Death 'n' roll,, Black metal, Doom metal, Heavy metal, Soft rock, Stoner rock, Blues rock, Hard rock, Hardcore punk, Rock'n'roll
Occupation(s) Musician, Songwriter, Producer
Instruments Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Associated acts The Cumshots, Black Debbath, Thulsa Doom, The Hillstone Halos, Kvikksølvguttene, El Doom & The Born Electric, Young Fogertys

Ole Petter Andreassen (born 22 September 1970), is a Norwegian musician and producer from Flekkefjord, Norway. He is also known under the stage names El Doom, Ollis and Ztalin. Andreassen plays the guitar in the bands Thulsa Doom and The Cumshots, the drums in Black Debbath, and is the guitarist/vocalist in The Hillstone Halos, El Doom & The Born Electric and the Creedence Clearwater Revival tribute band Young Fogertys. He also had a project called The Caliban Sessions in which he and other guest musicians played several instruments. He produced the most of their albums. He has also produced albums for artists such as Gluecifer, Hellride, Raga Rockers and The Wonderfools.

In 2004, Andreassen was fined for his involvement in a controversial concert gimmick with The Cumshots involving sexual intercourse. Besides from vocalist Kristopher Schau and the couple performing the act, Andreassen was the only one who knew about the stunt beforehand.[1]


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Preceded by
Arild Stav and Lise Voldsdal
Recipient of the Studio musician Gammleng-prisen
Succeeded by
David Wallumrød
and Torstein Lofthus