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Oleh is the administrative headquarters of Isoko South Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.


The actual date the town was founded is not clear but oral tradition has it that Emore the founder of Oleh migrated from Okpe-Isoko early in the 17th Century with his brothers, Odoro and Emiye to the present site of Oleh after a brief stopover at Irri. The name of the town they founded was initially called Awara (also pronounced Owara.) The circumstances and date that the town became known as Oleh are not clear. Oleh has three quarters: Okporho, Eviewho and Uzokpa. The population of Oleh is not officially known but it is about the biggest Isoko community and one of the fastest growing towns in Delta State. The population of Oleh is ...


Oleh lies within the tropical rainforest belt with luxuriant vegetation. It experiences tropical wet and dry climate, with relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year.


There are numerous public and private schools in Oleh. They include: Emore Grammar School, St. Michael College, Emiye Girls Grammar School, Isoko Central School, Odoro Primary School, etc. Oleh is home to Delta State University, Oleh Campus having the Faculties of Law, Engineering and Environmental Sciences.


Oleh has a general hospital, primary health centres and numerous private hospitals and clinics.


Oleh has a high court, magistrate courts and customary courts.

Oil Production[edit]

Oleh is a major oil bearing community in Delta State and is home to a flow station and several oil wells. Shell, Agip and other multinational oil companies are active in the area.


Oleh has a monarch who is the traditional ruler of the town. He is addressed as the Odio-Ologbo. The current Odio-Ologbo is His Majesty, King A.W.O. Ovrawah (J.P.,FCAI.) He is an influential traditional ruler in Delta State.

Hotels and Tourism[edit]

Oleh has a network of very modern hotels patronized mainly by oil companies employees and the hospitality industry in the town is vibrant.


Oleh has a functional stadium. It was once the home ground of Warri Wolves of Warri. The stadium also hosted some soccer games of the African Women Nations Cup in 2007.