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Olle Råde
Born 11 December 1978
Residence Gothenburg, Sweden[1]
Nationality Sweden Swedish
Pro Tour debut 1996 Pro Tour Columbus
Winnings US$68,490[2]
Pro Tour wins (Top 8) 1 (5)[3]
Grand Prix wins (Top 8) 1 (1)[4]
Median Pro Tour Finish 32[1]
Lifetime Pro Points 192[5]
Planeswalker Level 46 (Archmage)

Olle Råde (born 11 December 1978)[1] is a professional Magic: The Gathering player from Sweden. He was inducted to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame as part of the inaugural class in 2005. Olle was also the first player awarded with the coveted Player of the Year award and was the first non-American player to win a pro tour event. He was also the youngest pro tour event winner at the time (at only 17 years old at the time of his win.) He appears in the artwork of Sylvan Safekeeper, which he designed after winning the first Magic Invitational.[6] In April 2015 a poll was conducted by www.svenskamagic.com, the official Magic the Gathering-page of Sweden. There Olle was voted best Swedish magic player of all time, with 37.3% of the votes.[7] In May 2016 Olle won the Swedish Open Championship of Magic the Gathering, playing his trademark deck white weenie with a red splash.[8]


 Season   Event type   Location  Format Date  Rank 
1996 Pro Tour Columbus, Ohio Block Constructed 6–7 July 1996 1
1996 Worlds Seattle Standard 14–18 August 1996 4
1996–97 Pro Tour Dallas Standard 22–24 November 1996 6
1996–97 Invitational Hong Kong Standard 14–16 February 1997 1
1997–98 Pro Tour Chicago Extended 10–12 October 1997 8
1997–98 Grand Prix Stockholm Limited 21–22 March 1998 1
1998–99 Pro Tour Rome Extended 13–15 November 1998 5
1998–99 Nationals Sweden Standard and Booster Draft 23–24 May 1999 8

Last updated: 8 September 2014
Source: Wizards.com


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Preceded by
Pro Player of the Year
Succeeded by
Canada Paul McCabe
Preceded by
Magic Invitational Champion
Succeeded by
United States Darwin Kastle