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Olney may refer to:


United States[edit]



  • Buster Olney (b. 1964), baseball commentator
  • Cyrus Olney (1815–1870), American politician and judge
  • Frank F. Olney (1851—1903) 18th mayor of Providence, Rhode Island 1894-1896
  • Ian Olney (b. 1969), English association footballer
  • Jeremiah Olney (1749–1812), Continental Army soldier and older brother of Stephen Olney
  • John Olney, physician, medical scientist and critic of food additives
  • Martha Olney, economics professor and textbook author
  • Peter B. Olney (1843–1922), New York County District Attorney 1883–1884
  • Richard Olney (1835–1917), United States Attorney General and Secretary of State
  • Richard Olney II (1871–1939), Congressman from Massachusetts
  • Richard Olney (food writer) (1927–1999), American writer
  • Sarah Olney (born 1977), British Liberal Democrat politician and an accountant
  • Stephen Olney (1755–1832), Continental Army soldier and Rhode Island legislator
  • Violet Olney (1911–1999), British athlete
  • Warren Olney (1841–1921), co-founder of the Sierra Club, mayor of Oakland, California
  • Warren Olney Jr. (1870–1939), Justice of the California Supreme Court
  • Warren Olney IV (born 1938), broadcast journalist in Los Angeles, California

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