Om himlen och Österlen

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"Om himlen och Österlen"
Language Swedish
Songwriter(s) Michael Saxell
Composer(s) Michael Saxell

"Om himlen och Österlen" (Swedish for: About Heaven and Österlen) is a popular song composed by Scanian Swedish singer-songwriter Michael Saxell from Ystad in 1991. The lyrics are largely autobiographical; the story of a man who moved to North America from the Österlen region in southeastern Scania at a young age and returned to his homeland later in life. Michael Saxell lived in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada from 1975-1991.

Michael Saxell wrote the song in the early 1990s and it has since been recorded by many Swedish artists including,[1] Jan Malmsjö,[2] Östen Warnerbring,[3] Lasse Stefanz,[4] Danne Stråhed [5] and Wizex [6] as well as by the songwriter himself.[7]

The song has been described as the new Scanian anthem by Swedish music journalist Christer Olsson.