Omens, Oracles & Signs – Vol. 1

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Omens, Oracles & Signs - Vol. 1
Lioness Omens.jpg
Remix album by Lioness
Released April 7, 2009
Recorded Signal to Noise
Genre electronic, dance-punk
Label New Romantic Music
Producer Rob Sanzo, Lioness (band)
Lioness chronology
Lioness EP
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Omens, Oracles & Signs - Vol. 1

This release contains three electronic remixes of "You're My Heart" by Toronto remixers/producers Pilotpriest, Mansion and CCENTURIESS. It is the second release from Canadian indie rock band Lioness (band). It was released on April 7, 2009 by New Romantic Music.

Track listing[edit]

All songs by Lioness (Fischer/Morris/Scheven).

  1. "You're My Heart (Pilotpriest remix)" - 7:20
  2. "You're My Heart (CCENTURIESS remix)" - 6:19
  3. "You're My Heart (Mansion remix)" - 5:50
  4. "You're My Heart (original version)" - 4:30