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Studio album by In the Woods...
Released October 14, 1997
Recorded September 1996 – March 1997
Genre Avant-garde metal, progressive metal
Length 63:08
Label Misanthropy Records
In the Woods... chronology
A Return to the Isle of Men
Let There Be More Light

Omnio is the second full-length album by Norwegian avant-garde metal band In the Woods... It was released on October 14, 1997, through Misanthropy Records.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "299 796 km/s" – (14:46)
  2. "I Am Your Flesh" – (7:07)
  3. "Kairos!" – (3:34)
  4. "Weeping Willow" – (11:39)
  5. "Omnio? – Pre" – (11:59)
  6. "Omnio? – Bardo" – (5:54)
  7. "Omnio? – Post" – (8:09)


The titles of the three tracks "Omnio? – Pre", "Omnio? – Bardo", and "Omnio? – Post" are related. Pre is a prefix used to say "before", Bardo is a Tibetan word for "intermediate state", and Post is a prefix meaning "after".

At around 6:00 of "Omnio? – Pre", female voices can be heard singing in French. The lyrics of this portion of the song are not listed in the album, however the words "j'espère que tous les autres" (meaning "I hope that everyone else") can be heard multiple times. The following three syllables are hard to understand.

In the booklet lyrics of "Weeping Willow", all the text is in lower case except for a bunch of letters. The content (if any) of this cryptographic message is still unknown.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 4.5/5 stars[1]

In his review for AllMusic, Thom Jurek calls Omnio a "devastatingly beautiful marriage of prog metal, gothic texture, epic scope, and amazingly intricate, deeply moving songwriting for a tour de force that stands as one of European metal's classic recordings." He claims the album has "remained deeply influential since its initial release in 1997."[1]


  • X. Botteri
  • Oddvar A:M
  • Bjørn Harstad
  • Jan Ovl
  • C:M. Botteri
  • Synne Diana Soprana
  • Anders Kobro


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