On the Nose (film)

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On the Nose
Theatrical poster
Directed byDavid Caffrey
Produced byScott Kennedy
Tristan Lynch
Written byTony Philpott
StarringDan Aykroyd
Robbie Coltrane
Music byJames Jandrisch
CinematographyPaul Sarossy
Edited byRoger Mattiussi
Distributed byHighwire Entertainment
Release date
September 21, 2001
Running time
104 minutes

On the Nose is an Irish/Canadian comedy/fantasy film released in 2001. It was written by Tony Philpott and stars Dan Aykroyd and Robbie Coltrane in a magical comedy where a long dead Australian aboriginal's head is used to predict winners in horse races. The movie was filmed in Dublin, Ireland.

On the Nose won the Audience Award in 2002 at the Newport Beach Film Festival.


Robbie Coltrane plays a rehabilitated gambler who is tested beyond all limits when a head stored in the university turns out to accurately predict race horse winners. Robbie Coltrane finds he must hold off a representative from the university of Australia, who has come to reclaim the head and take it back to Australia, and the mob in order to raise money for his daughters tuition.


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