On the Road with Ellison Volume 1

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On The Road With Ellison Volume 1
Ellison1 cover.jpg
Live album by Harlan Ellison
Released 1983, CD reissue 2001
Recorded 1981-1983
Genre Spoken Word, Comedy
Length 41:49
Label Deep Shag Records
Producer Shelley Levinson
Harlan Ellison chronology
On The Road With Ellison Volume 1
On The Road With Ellison Volume 2

First released in 1983 as an extremely limited edition vinyl album, On The Road With Ellison Volume 1 was reissued on CD in 2001 by Deep Shag Records. The CD features liner notes written by Harlan specifically for the release. From the mailing of a dead gopher to a perfect impression of Tattoo from Fantasy Island, you get inside the head of America's most outspoken wordsmith.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Intro: Caveat Ellison
  2. You're Short
  3. Selected Quickies
  4. Did You Really Mail A Dead Gopher To An Editor?
  5. Bugfuck Is A Way Of Life
  6. Carl Sagan Is A Nifty Guy
  7. Cosmic Nuhdges
  8. Gee, Gang, Kids Say The Darndest Things
  9. An Edge In My Voice:Installment #54 (December 19, 1982)

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