On the Road with Ellison Volume 2

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On The Road With Ellison Volume 2
Ellison coverV2.jpg
Live album by Harlan Ellison
Released 2004
Recorded 1981-1983
Genre Spoken Word, Comedy
Length 70:29
Label Deep Shag Records
Producer Michael Reed
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On The Road With Ellison Volume 2
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Released in 2004 by Deep Shag Records, On The Road With Ellison Volume 2 is a collection of humorous and thought provoking moments from the vaults of Harlan Ellison. The CD features a new essay written by Harlan for this release. When Harlan Ellison speaks, no topic is off-limits. This is not Harlan reading his work; it's a collection of interesting observations and stories from his life.

Track listing[edit]

  1. You Have Been Warned
  2. The Player In The Bogus Blue Blazer
  3. The "I, Robot" Tragedy
  4. Demented SF Movie Harangue
  5. Quickies Redux
  6. Mailing Labels, Or, How Corporate America Goes Sticky All Over You
  7. Diabetes & The Anti-Christ
  8. Why We Will Never Enjoy The Pleasures Of Atomic Holocaust: A Theory
  9. Reagan's "Enemies" List
  10. How Steve McQueen Saved My Life
  11. Deductive Logic
  12. The Dick
  13. Where There's Smoke
  14. And Now, The Sermon & Soup

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