Once There Was a Waltz

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Once There Was a Waltz
Once There Was a Waltz.jpg
Directed by Victor Janson
Produced by Gabriel Levy
Written by Billy Wilder
Starring Mártha Eggerth
Rolf von Goth
Paul Hörbiger
Ernő Verebes
Music by Franz Lehár
Cinematography Heinrich Gärtner
Hugo von Kaweczynski
Edited by Ladislao Vajda
Distributed by Aafa-Film
Release date
14 April 1932
Running time
79 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Once There Was a Waltz (German: Es war einmal ein Walzer) is a 1932 German operetta film directed by Victor Janson and starring Mártha Eggerth, Rolf von Goth and Paul Hörbiger. It premiered in Berlin on 14 April 1932. The film was remade in Britain as Where Is This Lady?, released the same year.[1]



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