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Ondo-no-seto (音戸の瀬戸) is a strait in Seto Inland Sea around Kure, Hiroshima between the main island of Japan and Kurahashi island.


In the legend, Ondo-no-seto was excavated under the leadership of Taira no Kiyomori from 1164 to 1167 during the Heian period, to allow passage of trading ships for trade with China. But academic research shows that this legend is not the historical fact. Both old documents research and geological research proved that this straight was not an artificial product.[1]

The famous red bridge, called "Ondo-ō-hashi,” crosses the Ondo-no-seto, and it is known for the azaleas growing there.

Around Ondo-no-seto on the main island side, Ondo-no-seto Park is a popular place to visit.

Ondo-no-set is a part of Setonaikai National Park.


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