Onogboko Clan

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Onogboko Clan is a clan whose origin is traced to Okpe-Isoko Kingdom, Isoko-North LGA of Nigeria. It is governed by a traditional ruler with the title Odio-ologbo, who hails from the royal family from Ushie quarter of the town. The first and current Odio-ologbo of the Clan is His Royal Highness G.D Akporeha I, who is the custodian of all political authority over the quarters and the communities. He is a well-known traditional ruler who was recognised and gazetted by the government of Delta State in 1996, and presented with a staff of office. He is a member of Delta state, Ndokwa-East and Isoko Traditional Councils.

The clan's belief system is a combination of traditional worship and Christian practices. Apart from the usual Christian festivals of Easter and Christmas, Onogboko Clan boasts of three main festivals celebrated annually: the Ogene festival, Ogrigri festival and the Obere-fishing festival which attracts fishermen from different parts of Delta State and other neighbouring states.

The clan has a community primary school called Otuto-ughe primary school, run by the state government, and one privately owned; children from the three communities also access these for their elementary education. The town has a postal agency, but has since been converted to a police post to serve the security needs of the town and neighbouring towns and communities. There is also a local maternity/dispensary for pregnant women and primary community health need.


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