Onslow Speedway

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Onslow Speedway is a once famous maritime racing track located in Onslow (near Truro), Nova Scotia, Canada, where many well known racers from the Maritimes once raced or started racing. The track ran as a dirt track from 1965-1979, as a paved track from 1980-1993, and then off and on from there.

Onslow Speedway ran from 1965-1978 as a dirt oval and then it was paved and ran from 1979-1994. Onslow was then used off and on for other events 1995-2005 (the Maritime Legends Tour was supposed to use the track in 2004).

Russel White bought it in 1980 and had the track listed for sale in fall of 1983. Robert Mosher bought track in late fall of 1985. Gary Mackinnon bought it in 1999.

Scott Fraser (member of the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame) raced from 1986-1991 (started at age 16), in the Street Stock division. He was rookie of the year at Onslow Speedway in 1987. He also set a record for the most wins ever in a single year at Onslow Speedway. Wayne Smith (the Oval Outlaw) was Sportsman Champion At Onslow Speedway in 1988.

Coordinates: 45°23′42″N 63°18′09″W / 45.3950°N 63.3026°W / 45.3950; -63.3026