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The Ontario Teacher's Federation/La Fédération des enseignantes et des enseignants de l’Ontario (OTF/FEO) is a professional organization representing approx. 179,000 teachers in Ontario, Canada.[1] All teachers in publicly funded Ontario schools are required by law to be members of the federation. It was established by the government of George Drew in 1944, under the provisions of the Teaching Profession Act.

Their operations are governed by the 'Teaching Profession Act' and 'Bylaws of the Ontario Teachers' Federation'.[2]

The OTF/FEO has four affiliated bodies: l'Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens[fr], the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario, the Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association, and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation. The Ontario Teacher's Pension Plan is a partnership between the OTF and the government of Ontario.

Their mandate is that 'it is the unifying voice safeguarding their profession, pension and public education'.[1]

The current president of OTF is Julie Pauletig, who taught elementary school in the Catholic school system.[3]

OTF/FEO is the official liaison between the Ministry of Education and the teachers of Ontario. Their representatives deal with officials from the Ministry, faculties of education, College of Teachers and other stakeholders and act on behalf of its members.[4] They are not involved in collective bargaining or labour relations.[2]

There are 40 members on the Board of Governors who meet 3 times a year. Out of the 40 members, 12 are elected to the Federal Executive who meet 10 times a year.[5]

OTF/FEO is an affiliated member of the Canadian Teachers' Federation.[6]

OTF/FEO participate and advocate the following: Word on the Street Festival (Toronto), World Teacher Day, The Broadbent Institute, Student Vote, Canada without Poverty, The Coalition for Better Childcare, People for Education

Support Coalitions on - Student Mental Health, Accessibility for Ontarian with Disabilities Act, etc.[7]

Professional Development Projects and Partnerships include: Teacher Learning & Leadership Program, Safe@School (bullying), Teachers' Gateway to Special Education, Survive and Thrive, Aboriginal Education Project - Book of Life, PD Calendar, OTF/FEO Environmental Education Collaborative Resource Program, Professional Learning Magazine, (and more)... [7]

OTF/FEO participates in International Assistance/ Donations and Appeals where in 2012 - 2013, they were able to contribute (in part) to 173 organizations in 20 developing countries around the world including Congo, Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Lesotho, Philippines, Zambia, etc.[7]

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