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Industry Gas
Founded 2005
Headquarters Horley, England, UK
Area served
Scotland and the south of England
Key people
John Morea (CEO)
Products Gas distribution
Parent The company is owned by three shareholders – SSE plc (50%), Borealis Infrastructure Europe (UK) Limited (25%), which is indirectly wholly owned by OMERS Administration Corporation and OTPPB Investments (U.K.) Limited (25%), which is owned by Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board.[1]

SGN (previously known as Scotia Gas Networks) is a UK gas distribution company which manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.8 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south of England.[2]


The company was formed in 2005 as Scotia Gas Networks. In September 2014 they changed their name to SGN. The rebrand was driven by a desire to present with a greater unity between the two distinct geographic areas of its business.[citation needed] Those are Scotland and the south of England, where SGN owns and maintains the gas network.

2014 Rebrand[edit]

In 2014, Scotia Gas Networks, Scotland Gas Networks and Southern Gas Networks was rebranded to SGN. The company believed the previous names did not represent the business as "bright, forward thinking experts"[citation needed], and that the name "SGN" would be better for customers to understand what SGN does as a company.[citation needed]

The logo was also changed. From 2005, the logo was originally red and blue dots forming a shape of the United Kingdom. The red dots covered Scotland and the southern area on the "Scotia Gas Networks" logo, just Scotland for the "Scotland Gas Networks" logo and just the southern area for "Southern Gas Networks". This was to highlight where works are carried out by the company. The new logo shows a cylinder filled with orange, blue and purple dots. This represents the polyethylene pipe that the company uses to transport gas.[citation needed] The smaller dots represent the services that work off the mains.[citation needed]


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