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Onyx is a banded variety of chalcedony (quartz).

Onyx may also refer to:


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  • Onyx (game), a strategy board game invented by Larry Back




  • SGI Onyx, a line of symmetric multiprocessing computers from Silicon Graphics
  • Synaptics Onyx, a concept cellphone designed to display Synaptics ClearPad technology
  • Onyx (satellite), a code name often associated with newer variants of the Lacrosse satellite
  • Onyx (interception system), a Swiss intelligence gathering system
  • Onyx (programming language), a BSD-licensed embeddable stack-based programming language
  • Onyx-015, an adenovirus being researched for cancer treatment
  • OnyX, a freeware system maintenance and optimization tool for Mac OS X
  • Onyx Systems, a company that made computer systems based on the Zilog Z8000 microprocessor and Bell Labs' Unix
  • BlackBerry Bold 9700 (codenamed "Onyx"), a smartphone from RIM


  • USS Onyx (PYc-5), a United States Navy patrol vessel of the mid-20th century
  • HMS Onyx, the name of seven ships of the Royal Navy
  • MS Onyx, a passenger ferry formerly known as Fennia and Casino Express

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