Ooklah The Moc

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Ooklah The Moc
Origin Palolo, Hawaii
Genres Roots Reggae
Years active 1994–present
Labels Ghetto Circus Records, Father Psalms Studios
Website http://www.myspace.com/ooklahstylee
Members Ryan "Jah Gumby" Murakami
John Davis
Asher Philippart
James LaPierre
Micky Huihui
Kali Navales
Brad Watanabe
Gary Nakano
Mike Cueva
A Bush

Ooklah The Moc is a band formed in 1997 playing roots reggae. Through the years and several lineup changes, Ooklah became a strictly roots dub reggae band and reached its present 8-person lineup in 2000.

Name origin[edit]

Ooklah The Moc is the name of a reggae band from Palolo, Oahu, Hawaii. The name comes from a cartoon known as Thundarr The Barbarian, which co-starred a large and powerful leonine humanoid creature named Ookla The Mok. [Ref 1]

Band members[edit]

  • Ryan "Jah Gumby" Murakami (Bass)
  • John Davis (Drums)
  • Asher Philippart (Guitar)
  • Micky Huihui (Vocals)
  • Kali Navales (Vocals)
  • Pokii Seto (Vocals)
  • Robert Daguio (Keys)
  • Mike Cueva (Tenor Sax)
  • Bernard Soriano (Trumpet)

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Year Album Songs
January 14, 2001
Ites Massive
1. Blessed
2. Creator
3. Sound Creation
4. Haunted House
5. Live Love
6. Fafa Island
7. No More Tears
8. Herbal Meditation
9. Spliff Mood
10. Dance Ram
11. Melvin's Surprise
12. Humble Vibes!
Rearrange Your Positive
1. Hawaiian Man
2. Jah Will Be There
3. Lovers Rock
4. A.T. Attack
5. The Box
6. In This Time
7. Concrete Vibes
8. You Light
9. Hellfire
10. Hot Hawaiian Nights
11. My Plea
12. The Longest Road
February, 2006
Koko Meets Ooklah The Moc: Struggling Soldier
1. One Big Family
2. My Woman
3. Ghettoman Tribulation
4. Kali Man
5. Style
6. Rude Boy
7. Love Mi Island So
8. Struggling Soldier
9. Version The Family
10. Woman Woman
11. New Style (Freestyle Version)
12. Guiding Star
November 18, 2008
1. Thin Line
2. World Party
3. Revolutionary
4. Creation Man
5. Vibes
6. Only If You Want Me to
7. Tree
8. Ital (Featuring koko)
9. Sweet Spot
10. Scene Gal
11. Runaway Love
August 22, 2017
Every Posse
1. Truth & Right
2. Love Is Meant To Be Nice
3. Summer Sun
4. Reggae Journey
5. King
6. Rocket Crucial
7. Too Much Black Gold


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