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The Oozinator is a toy water gun manufactured by Hasbro, Inc. It is a member of the Super Soaker family, which includes 10 other squirt-gun toys. It gained notoriety after its release due to its ability to discharge a viscous compound that resembled human semen,[1][2] as well as its suggestive television advertisements that depicted said compound being forcefully ejected onto unwilling children.[1][2]


Hasbro copyrighted the term Oozinator in 2005 and the toy was put on sale in 2006.[3] The company recommends the Super Soaker Oozinator for use by ages 6 & Up, suggests at retail for US$24.99, and is item # 52695. Product specifications include an "air-powered blaster," 27-ounce water capacity and 20-shot "bio-ooze" capacity. The toy uses an "air-powered blaster" that can propel water up to 35 feet, and "bio-ooze" up to 20 feet. The toy comes with a 10-ounce supply of "bio-ooze."

In Spray Mode 1, the toy is actuated and propels water from a nozzle located superiorly on the anterior aspect by squeezing a trigger, located toward the rear. A pressure reservoir which is charged by a lateral pumping action of a forward-pointing, superiorly located rod enables actuation.

In Spray Mode 2, the toy spurts "ooze" with each pumping action of a separate, lateral manual handle, located at the inferior aspect of the anterior surface, immediately below the water charging handle. In "ooze" mode, the toy does not store pressure.


  • The AV Club (a Los Angeles-based production company) made a spoof video of a board meeting discussing the Oozinator, where one person sees how the toy could be suggestive, but is ostracized by the others for it.[2]
  • The commercial for the Oozinator was featured on the December 18, 2006 episode of The Daily Show. In the segment "This Week in God," the Oozinator was named as "the Number One "Devil's Plaything" for Christmas," and correspondent Samantha Bee noted it offered "Junior's first moneyshot."[1]


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