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The Oparin/Urey Medal honours important contributions to the field of origins of life.[1] The medal is awarded by the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life (ISSOL). The award was originally named for Alexander Ivanovich Oparin, one of the pioneers in researching the origins of life. In 1993, the Society decided to alternate the name of the award so as to also honour the memory of Harold C. Urey, one of the first to propose the study of cosmochemistry.

List of winners[edit]

The current list of medalists is shown below:

Oparin/Urey Medal Winners[2]
Year Name Medal
1980 Cyril Ponnamperuma Oparin
1983 Stanley Miller Oparin
1986 John Oró Oparin
1989 J. William Schopf Oparin
1993 Leslie Orgel Urey
1996 James Ferris Oparin
1999 Alan Schwartz Urey
2002 Albert Eschenmoser Oparin
2005 Gerald Joyce Urey
2008 James Kasting Oparin
2011 Jack W. Szostak Urey [3]
2014 Andrew H. Knoll Oparin[4]


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