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Literaturfestival Zürich
GenreLiterary festival
Location(s)Zurich, Switzerland
FounderAndreas Heusser
WebsiteOfficial Website

Literaturfestival Zürich (alternative spelling: Zurich Literature Festival, formerly: Openair Literatur Festival Zürich) is an international literary festival held annually for the duration of a week in Zurich. The main stage of the festival is located in the middle of lush nature in the Old Botanical Garden in Zurich. The Festival is jointly presented by Literaturhaus Zürich and Kaufleuten, the two major institutions for literary events in Zurich. Founder and director of the festival is Swiss conceptual artist and curator Andreas Heusser who is curating the program together with Gesa Schneider and Corina Freudiger.

The main program of the festival consists of premieres, performances and readings by acclaimed international authors. The format "Words on Stage - Best of Spoken Word" has also established itself as a permanent feature of the program and closing event of the festival. Part of the festival's curatorial signature is its interdisciplinary approach: the readings are often thematically linked with projects from other genres, e.g. poetic installations, interactive radio plays, scenic readings, singer/songwriter concerts, silent film screenings, or interdisciplinary performances at the intersection of text, dance, and theater. [1] In interaction with nature and scenographic design, the aim is to create a "poetic overall experience" that involves all the senses.

Openair stage of the Literaturfestival Zurich in the Old Botanical Garden, Reading with Teju Cole, 2014

Main Program[edit]


The 8th festival edition was cancelled because of COVID-19. The program included performances by Marlon James (novelist), Jhumpa Lahiri, Chris Kraus (American writer), Kwame Anthony Appiah, Uwe Timm, and others.








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