Order of battle for Operation Nordwind

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This is the order of battle of German and Allied forces during Operation Nordwind in World War II

Allied Forces[edit]

US 6th Army Group.png Sixth Army Group (Devers)[edit]

US Seventh Army SSI.svg US Seventh Army (Patch)[edit]

US XV Corps SSI.png XV Corps (Haislip)[edit]
US 103rd Infantry Division.svg 103rd Infantry Division
44 INF DIV SSI.svg 44th Infantry Division
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the 100th Division (United States) 100th Infantry Division
63rd Infantry Division SSI.svg 63rd Infantry Division
US VI Corps SSI.png VI Corps (Brooks)[edit]
A red diamond with a yellow outline of a bird with small wings and a large tail 45th Infantry Division
70th Infantry Division patch.svg 70th Infantry Division
42nd Infantry Division SSI.svg 42nd Infantry Division
79th Infantry Division

Insigne Rhin et Danube-1èrearmée.jpg French First Army (Tassigny)[edit]

I Corps (Béthouart)[edit]
1st Infantry March Division
2eDB-insigne.jpg 2nd Armored Division
Insigne de la 3° DIA.JPG 3rd Algerian Infantry Division
II Corps (Monsabert)[edit]
Insigne 1° DB.JPG1st Armored Division
1st Colonial Infantry Division
3rd Moroccan Division
4th Moroccan Mountain Division
Insigne 5° DB.JPG5th Armored Division
10th Infantry Division
XXI CORPS SSI.gif US XXI Corps (Milburn)[edit]
12th U.S. Armored Division CSIB.svg12th Armored Division
14th US Armored Division SSI.svg14th Armored Division
36th Infantry Division CSIB.svg 36th Infantry Division

Axis Forces[edit]

Army Group G (Blaskowitz)[edit]

First Army (Obstfelder)[edit]

Divisionsabzeichen der 25. Infanterie-Divisision der Wehrmacht.jpg 25th Panzergrenadier Division
21st Panzer Division logo.svg 21st Panzer Division
6th SS Division Logo.svg 6th SS Mountain Division Nord
XIII SS Corps (Simon)[edit]
19th Volksgrenadier Division
36th Infanterie Division Logo.svg36th Volksgrenadier Division
17th SS Division Logo.svg 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen
XC Corps[edit]
559th Volksgrenadier Division
257th Volksgrenadier Division
LXXXIX Corps[edit]
361st Volksgrenadier Division
245th Infantry Division
256th Volksgrenadier Division

Army Group Upper Rhine (Himmler)[edit]

Nineteenth Army (Rasp)[edit]

10th SS Panzer Division Frundsberg
LXIV Corps[edit]
189th Infantry Division
198th Infantry Division
708th Volksgrenadier Division
16th Infantry Division
LXIII Corps[edit]
338th Infantry Division
159th Infanterie Division Logo.svg159th Infantry Division
716th Infantry Division
269th Infantry Division