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An Operator Training Simulator (OTS) is a computer-based training system that uses a dynamic simulation model of an industrial process, usually integrated with an emulator of the process plant's Distributed Control System (DCS).


An OTS uses a dynamic simulation of the process in order to generate the appropriated data to feed an emulation of the plant's control system. The elements of a typical OTS are the following:

  • Dynamic simulation software
  • Process model
  • Instructor interface
  • Control system integration software
  • DCS emulator
  • Replica of the operator station


Common applications of OTS systems are the following:

  • New control room operator training (e.g., start-up, shutdown, and emergency procedures)
  • Existing control room operator refresher training (e.g., start-up, shutdown, and emergency procedures)
  • Platform for advanced process control (APC) and optimization
  • Validating DCS control and logic checkout
  • Validating and improving plant operating procedures
  • “What if?” analysis (scenario analysis)
  • Engineering tool for developing and testing new control strategies

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