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Visualization from the Opte Project of the various routes through a portion of the Internet in 2005

The Opte Project is a project created by Barrett Lyon[1][2] that seeks to make an accurate representation of the extent of the Internet using visual graphics.

The word Opte originated from the Latin word opti, meaning "optical".[citation needed] The name originated from the project creator Barrett Lyon and the fluid nature of the name opte.org made it stick.[3]

The project was started in October 2003 in an effort to provide a useful Internet map with open source code. Lyon believes that the network mapping can help teach students more about the Internet. It can also be used to visualize sites of disasters in the world, citing the significant destruction of Internet capabilities after a disaster. Additionally it can be used as a gauge for the growth of the Internet and the areas of growth.

The project has gathered support worldwide and is part of the catalogs of the Boston Museum of Science,[4] The Museum of Modern Art[5] and The Louvre.[citation needed]


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