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What does OPTE stand for? Can't seem to find it anywhere. Opte (pronounced op-te) originated from the Latin word Opti, meaning Optical. The name originated from the project creator Barrett Lyon and the fluidness of the name made it stick.

Link Broken[edit]

The link for the last website was broken. Please post the intended one soon.


Can anyone explain the reason that bitgravity is linked here?

Timeline of More Recent Internet Visualisations vis OPTE or other Visualisation Tools[edit]

The internet visualisation of the OPTE page is dated 2005. It is now 2015. Has the internet remained robust and rugged, or has it contracted? I have a suspicion that, in terms of laptops, it may very well have contracted. If frequent time snap-shots of OPTE could be placed online, this would show how the internet has evolved in time AND it would also reveal geographical locations that have suffered from Natural Disasters and the like. Political and legal changes would also have had an effect upon the structure (and hence visual representation) of the internet. I will endeavour to raise more points - BUT if you can't find an OPTE internet timeline, perhaps other software visualisations could be mentioned/referred to by webpage?

ASavantDude (talk) 12:12, 24 July 2015 (UTC)