Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

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Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
Developer(s) Oracle Corporation
Operating system Solaris, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Type Network management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center (formerly Sun Ops Center) is a data center automation tool that simplifies discovery and management of physical and virtualized assets. Among its features it can:[1]

  • Provide a single console for the management of both the physical and virtual infrastructure in a virtualized environment
  • Allow discovery of any existing infrastructure, including hardware that has just been unpacked and plugged in but has not been switched on
  • Power everything up and then provision this hardware with firmware, operating system hypervisors and other applications as required
  • Once operational, ensure that all the software on the servers, both physical and virtualized, can be automatically updated and patched
  • Enable custom reports to be generated for operational as well as compliance purposes.

Ops Center includes a browser-based, platform-independent interface that uses AJAX.

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