Ordulf, Duke of Saxony

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Duke of Saxony
Reign 1059–1072
Predecessor Bernard II
Successor Magnus
Born c. 1022
Died (1072-03-28)28 March 1072
Burial Saint Michael Church in Lüneburg
Spouse Wulfhild of Norway
Gertrude of Haldensleben
House House of Billung
Father Bernard II
Mother Eilika of Schweinfurt

Ordulf (sometimes Otto) (c. 1022 – 28 March 1072) was the duke of Saxony from 1059, when he succeeded his father Bernard II, until his death. He was a member of the Billung family.


His entire reign was occupied by wars with the Wends. He was allied with Denmark in this endeavor, and he strengthened the alliance by marrying Wulfhild of Norway, the daughter of King Olaf II of Norway, in 1042. Their son Magnus succeeded Ordulf as Duke of Saxony.

Ordulf's second wife, Gertrude of Haldensleben, daughter of a Count Conrad, was imprisoned in Mainz in 1076 and died 21 February 1116. Their son Bernard died after a fall from a horse in Lüneburg on 15 July of an unknown year.

Ordulf is buried in the Church of St. Michael in Lüneburg.


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Ordulf, Duke of Saxony
Born: c. 1022 Died: 28 March 1072
Preceded by
Bernard II
Duke of Saxony
Succeeded by