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For the unrelated Oregon Herald website, see Oregon State Media, Inc.

The Oregon Herald was a newspaper published in Portland, Oregon, United States from 1866 until 1873.[1] Originally a weekly and alternatively known as the Weekly Oregon Herald,[2] its publication became daily except Mondays in 1869,[3] after which it was alternatively known as the Daily Oregon Herald.


At the time the Oregon Herald was established, the only other daily paper in Portland was The Oregonian, all the others having closed.[1] The Democratic paper was started on March 17, 1866 by Milton H. Abbott and Nehemiah L. Butler. Three years later, Abbott started the Democrat in Baker City.[1] Abbott withdrew from the Oregon Herald soon after its establishment and a stock company was formed to manage the paper.[1] Members of this group included Democratic leaders Aaron E. Waite, W. Weatherford, James K. Kelly, La Fayette Grover, Joseph Showalter Smith, N. L. Butler, and James C. Hawthorne.[1] Beriah Brown became editor on June 10, 1866.[1] Sylvester Pennoyer was the next editor, from 1868 to July 1, 1869, after which he sold the paper to T. Patterson & Co, with Eugene Semple as editor.[1] Patterson sold the paper to a stock company on December 1, 1871, and the paper was suspended on May 25, 1873.[1]