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ORIJEN is a premium brand of dog food and cat food manufactured in Alberta, Canada and Kentucky.


ORIJEN[1] is manufactured by Champion Petfoods who were founded in 1985 by Reinhard Muhlenfeld. ORIJEN can be bought in over 70 countries.

Champion Petfoods believes in making Biologically Appropriate™ dog and cat food from Fresh Regional Ingredients.[2] Their Biologically Appropriate™ philosophy represents a new class of foods designed to nourish dogs and cats in keeping with their evolutionary adaptation to fresh meat and protein-rich diets.[3]


At Champion, award – winning dog and cat food has been made in their own kitchen for over a quarter of a century. As part of their BAFRINO[3] mandate, they never outsource the production of their food. They control and perform every detail of production from where and how ingredients are farmed or fished, to every cooking, packaging and quality process.


There are ten varieties - seven dog and three cat dry food formulas.

  • Puppy
  • Puppy Large
  • Adult Dog
  • 6 Fish Dog
  • Regional Red Dog
  • NEW Tundra
  • Senior Dog
  • Cat & Kitten
  • 6 Fish Cat
  • Regional Red Cat

They also make three varieties of Freeze-Dried Foods and thirteen varieties of Freeze-Dried treats - eight dog and five cat.[4] [5]


ORIJEN Pet Foods have won more awards than any other pet food maker in the world.[6]


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