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Orman may refer to:


  • Aldona Orman (born 1968), Polish actress
  • Alen Orman (born 1978), association football player for Austria
  • Charles Orman (1859 – 1927), British cricketer and soldier
  • Fikret Orman (born 1967), Turkish businessman
  • Greg Orman (born 1968), American businessman and senatorial candidate from Kansas
  • Harry Orman Robinson, American football coach
  • Jack Orman, American television writer, producer and director
  • James Bradley Orman (1849–1919), American politician and railroad builder
  • John Orman (died 2009), politics professor at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut
  • Kate Orman (born 1968), Australian author
  • Miles Orman played Miles Robinson on Sesame Street from 1985 to 1992
  • Rick Orman, former provincial level politician from Alberta, Canada
  • Roscoe Orman (born 1944), American actor who plays Gordon Robinson on the TV program Sesame Street
  • Rotha Lintorn-Orman (1895–1935), pioneer for women in British politics, founded the earliest British Fascist movement
  • Suze Orman (born 1951), American financial advisor, author, motivational speaker, and television host
  • Ward Van Orman (1894–1978), American engineer, inventor and balloonist
  • Willard Van Orman Quine (1908–2000), American analytic philosopher and logician


  • Orman Garden, botanical garden in Giza, Egypt
  • Orman House (built in 1838), Florida State Park and historic site located in Apalachicola, in northwestern Florida
  • Orman, a village in Iclod Commune, Cluj County, Romania
  • Orman River, tributary of the Someşul Mic River in Romania
  • Orman, Syria, a village in the al-Suwayda Governorate in Syria
  • Orman, a village in Gjorče Petrov Municipality, Republic of Macedonia