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Orne in Caen.jpg
The Orne in Caen
Physical characteristics
 • locationAunou-sur-Orne
 • elevation240 m (790 ft)
 • location
English Channel
 • coordinates
49°16′42″N 0°13′34″W / 49.27833°N 0.22611°W / 49.27833; -0.22611 (English Channel-Orne)Coordinates: 49°16′42″N 0°13′34″W / 49.27833°N 0.22611°W / 49.27833; -0.22611 (English Channel-Orne)
Length170 km (110 mi)
Basin size2,932 km2 (1,132 sq mi)
 • average27.5 m3/s (970 cu ft/s)

The Orne (French: [ɔʁn] (About this soundlisten)) is a river in Normandy, within northwestern France. It is 170 km (110 mi) long.[1] It discharges into the English Channel at the port of Ouistreham. Its source is in Aunou-sur-Orne, east of Sées. Its main tributaries are the Odon and the Rouvre.

The Orne flows through the following departments and towns:


The name of the Orne in Normandy, which is referred to as the Olinas by Ptolemy,[2] is a homonym of Fluvius Olne, the Orne saosnoise in Sarthe, which Xavier Delamarre traces back to the Celtic olīnā (elbow).

Hydrology and water quality[edit]

The waters of the Orne are typically moderately turbid and brown in colour. pH levels of the Orne have been measured at 8.5[3] at the town of St. Andre sur Orne where summer water temperatures approximate 18 degrees Celsius. Electrical conductivity of the Orne has been measured at 30 micro-Siemens per centimeter.

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