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Ornithophobia, the abnormal and irrational fear of birds, is a type of specific phobia.[1][2] The prefix ornitho- signifies "of or pertaining to birds", from Ancient Greek ὄρνις (órnis, "bird").

The term may also refer to strong dislike of birds, for example pest birds in grain-producing areas.[3] Anatidaephobia is the fear of ducks. Along with alektorophobia, it is a type of ornithophobia.

Notable people with ornithophobia[edit]

American rapper Marshall Mathers (Eminem), has claimed he suffers from a type of ornithophobia, more specifically the fear of owls. England footballer David Beckham also suffers from the fear, as well from ataxophobia the fear of uncleanliness and untidiness. Actress Scarlett Johansson has claimed that she suffers from ornithophobia, as a result of the body parts of a bird. She said after working in the film We Bought a Zoo that, “I’m only afraid of birds, something about the wings and beaks and the flapping”.[4] Other people with the fear are:

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