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Years active1996–present
LabelsProphecy Productions
MembersUwe Nolte
Frank Machau
Past membersVolker Willhardt
Claudia Arndt

Orplid is a neofolk, martial, post-industrial and experimental music group of German musicians, Uwe Nolte and Frank Machau. The name is drawn from the poem Gesang Weylas by Eduard Mörike, beginning ‘Du bist Orplid, mein Land’ ('You are Orplid, my land').[1] Orplid in the poem is a faraway fantasy land. The band has progressed over the course of their discography from acoustic folk peppered with instruments like the piano, organ, and cello, to a more experimental minimalistic style.


Albums and EPs[edit]

Year Title Additional information
1998 Orplid CD. Two editions with different artwork. Limited to 500 copies each. Debut album.
1999 Das Schicksal (Fate) 10". 430 copies.
1999 Geheiligt Sei Der Toten Name (Hallowed be the names of the dead) CD5"
2000 Orplid CD. Reissue with bonus tracks and new artwork.
2001 Barbarossa 10"
2002 Nächtliche Jünger (Nocturnal Youth) CD and limited 2x10" LPs with booklet limited to 500 copies.
2006 Sterbender Satyr (Dying Satyr) CD.
2007 Frühe Werke (Early Works) CD, compilation of early and unreleased material.
2008 Greifenherz (Gryphon Heart) CD
2010 Whom the Moon a Nightsong Sings CD, compilation of various neofolk artists songs. Disc 2.


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