List of Greek Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch

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For Patriarchs prior to 518, see List of Patriarchs of Antioch. For Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch from 1724 to present, see List of Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch.

The Patriarch of Antioch is one of the Eastern Orthodox patriarchs, sometimes called the Greek Patriarch of Antioch to distinguish from the Oriental Orthodox Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch.

Greek Patriarchs of Antioch from 518 to 1724[edit]

After 1098, the Patriarchate was in exile, at first at Constantinople, having been replaced by a Latin Patriarch.

With Theodosius, the Patriachate returned to Antioch.

With Ignatius, the Patriachate transferred to Damascus.

The Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch split into two factions in 1724 as the Melkite Greek Catholic Church broke communion with the Orthodox Church and established communion with the Catholic Church (see List of Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch)

(*) According to V.Grumel (La Chronologie pg.446–448 and his special study "Les patriarches grecs d'Antioche du nom de Jean", there were the following Patriarchs of Antioch with the name 'John':

La Chronologie pg.446-448
John I               428-441/2 
John II          end 476-beg.477  (Codonatus)
John III       4 Oct 996-Jul 1021
John IV (?) aft.Aug.1056-before 15 Aug 1057
John V            1088/9-Oct 1100 (Oxitis)
John VI             1106-1134/37  (Aploucheris)

Furthermore, as per Grumel's later "Jean ou Denys? Note sur un patriarche d'Antioche", above John IV was most probably named Dionysios and not John.

In any case, the error of numbering nine Patriarchs by the name of John is derived from an old list once posted in the site of the Patriarchate of Antioch ( which contained the following entries:

427 The Episcopacy of John in Antioch
475 The Patriarchate of John II in Antioch
495 The Patriarchate of John Codonatus in Antioch
797 The Patriarchate of John IV in Antioch
995 The Patriarchate of John IV in Antioch
1051 The Patriarchate of John VI in Antioch
1090 The Patriarchate of John VII in Antioch
1155 The Patriarchate of John IX in Antioch

In that list, John Codonatus was listed twice (475 and 495), a nonexistent John was listed in 797, and after John VII there followed John IX (without any John VIII being listed).

It follows that the current (2013) Patriarch is the seventh (or most probably the sixth) Patriarch bearing the name John.

Greek Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch after 1724[edit]