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Oscar Edward "Ossie, King Oscar" Hanson (December 27, 1909 in Camrose, Alberta – February 17, 1998) was a professional ice hockey centre. He played for the St Louis Flyers, Minneapolis Millers, St Paul Saints and he played in 8 NHL games for the Chicago Black Hawks.

Oscar "Hansen" (Most had Hanson and even in the news), the most news printed athlete in MN during his time and was the AHA League scoring champion in 1936-37 with 33 Goals in 47 games (62 Points) and again in 1938-39 with 37 goals in 48 games! (1938-39 Oscar had 89 Points!). Oscar was the best of the 5 [Hanson Brothers]( who all played for Augsburg College in Minnesota. These amazing brothers were the 1st line for the Olympic Team in 1928 (see http://hockeygods.com/images/12440-Augsburg_College_Ice_Hockey_Team___Hansons_of_Augsburg_1928). Oscar is regarded by many as one of the best to ever play the game. Gordie Howe raved about Oscar's skill and ability to "Dangle".

Oscar Hanson holds one of the most amazing college hockey record in hockey history of 3 goals in 1 minute at Augsburg College in Minnesota (USA).

Oscar developed a mysterious leg injury (at the end of 1939) which is now thought to be MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and left Oscar in a wheel chair for most of the 2nd half of his life. He was cared for and loved by his wife Freda Hansen. Oscar's son David Oscar Hansen was also an amazing MN hockey player scouted by the University of Minnesota as their top recruit. David's skill was equaled by his on ice temper which ultimately pushed he and the U of M apart. David Hansen Played hockey and boxed for the US Army with a number of MN greats.

Oscar and his brothers were given a homage by Paul Newman and crew in the 1977 Film Slapshot. Although the real life Hansen brothers (Oscar, Lewis, Joe, Julius and Emil) were far from this tale, one of the Hansen brothers {Emil} may have been forced to end an on ice fight by a State Trooper. These brothers were anything but goons as they dominated the College league and were put into national spotlight by their 1928 Olympic selection. The movie was a funny parody of their career, but make no mistake the real Hanson brothers were amazing.

US Olympic Fallout: Three short days before the 1st game of the 1928 Olympics General MacArthur made a call stating that "We are not playing this year". This was a result of the "Cold" relationship between Russia and the US. The Russians raised questions about the Hanson's being American born. General MacArthur had papers showing the family was born in the US and moved to Canada to operate a large farm. General MacArthur was under presidential orders to pull out of the Olympic game as US and Russia were already on the brinks.

Later in Life: Oscar and Freda Hansen lived their later years in Edina, MN with their son David close by. David and his children (Melissa, Malinda and Curtis) remained close with Oscar and Freda until their passing.

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