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Oscar Humphries (born April 1981) is an Australian fine art and design dealer and journalist. He is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of "The Art Book" [1] which launched in September 2014. He was editor of the The Spectator‍‍ '​‍s art magazine Apollo from 2010 until 2013.[2][3]

Born in Sydney, his parents are the satirist Barry Humphries and surrealist painter Diane Millstead[4] and he was educated at Bryanston School and Stowe School.[5]

Since 2000, he has written on a variety of subjects including art and design for British newspapers and magazines, including The Sunday Times, Arena and Tatler. In 2007 Humphries was made a contributing editor of The Spectator[6] and was the launch editor of The Spectator Australia in 2008.[7][8]

As director of Sebastian + Barquet London[9] he curated shows on Carlo Mollino,[10] Paolo Venini and Rick Owens. As head of international sales for Timothy Taylor Gallery he curated "The Tightrope Walker" with Emma Dexter.[11]

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