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Ostrich Media is a United Kingdom (UK) company, created in 2005 as a wholly owned subsidiary of 4Ventures Limited (the commercial subsidiary of the public-service commercial broadcaster Channel 4 Television Corporation).[1]

The company is currently part of UTV and has run Brain Box for both UTV and South African channel, E-TV.[2] It was also the owner of QuizCall, the UK's first dedicated quiz television channel.[3]


Following a sale in November 2006, Ostrich Media became wholly owned by iTouch. Reports suggested the reasons for the sale included:

  • the fact that Ostrich's QuizCall channel was not performing to expectations
  • fears that the subsidiary might damage the Channel 4 brand
  • a pending investigation of participation TV by the regulator Ofcom and a desire by Channel 4 not to appear too aggressively commercial ahead of an Ofcom review into public service broadcasting.[4][5][6]
  • a desire by Channel 4 to free the spectrum that it occupied on Freeview for other purposes.

Consequently, whilst the sale included QuizCall's space on Sky Digital, Channel 4 retained the space the channel had used on Freeview. As a result of the loss of space, QuizCall stopped broadcasting 24-hours per day on Freeview on 15 November 2006.[3]

Following the sale, a review of the channel saw its broadcast hours reduced to accommodate an expected drop in viewers when the channel lost its 24-hour DTT space. A significant number of freelance presenters ceased working for the channel due to the reduction in broadcast time. The company was managed at the time by Director-General of Green Media LTD, Nathan Bond.


In late November 2006, Channel 4 issued an apology after staff were revealed to have impersonated competition winners to encourage more people to call in.[7] Ostrich's Frederik Fleck then conceded before the Common's Culture, Media and Sport Committee that telephone lines may have been blocked to stop callers from getting through.[8][9]

Recent history[edit]

The QuizCall channel ceased broadcasting on Sky Digital and aired on Channel 5 until 9 September 2009.

On 31 March 2010, UTV purchased Ostrich Media to form a new division to be known as UTV Interactive.


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