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Otakar Bystřina (23 May 1861, Věrovany – 18 July 1931, Ostravice[1]) is pen name for a Czech writer who was a subject of Austria for much of his life.

His real name was Ferdinand Dostál and he worked as lawyer. He is known for collection of humoristic stories from Hanakia (in the Olomouc Region of the Czech Republic) Hanácká legenda (1904, Hanakian Legend)[2] and for biographic novel Súchovská republika (1923, Republic of Súchov).

The second novel is about group of young people living in community dedicated to arts and folkloristics founded around 1882 by Matúš Beňa (1861–1944), a teacher from Súchová. Many of its members become important figures of culture of Moravia.[3]


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