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Born Ambalak Koothar
Thiruverumbur, Tiruchirapalli
Occupation Poet
Nationality Chola
Literary movement Shaivism
Notable works
  • Saraswathi Andhadhi
  • Takkayaakaparani

Ottakoothar was a Tamil court poet to three legendary early Chola kings, namely Vikrama Chola, Kulotunga II and Rajaraja II.[1] He wrote poems in praise of these three kings, namely Vikrama Cholan Ula, Kulothunga Cholan Ula and Rajarajan Ula.[2]

The poet's memorial is believed to be still in a place known as "Darasuram in Kumbakonam", just opposite to the famous Airavatesvara Temple. According to legend, the goddess Saraswati blessed him in Koothanur, then he became a famous poet.[3]

Popular culture[edit]

In the 1957 Tamil film Ambikapathy, the character of Ottakoothar was portrayed and was performed by M. N. Nambiar. The character was also played by Rajesh in Mahasakthi Mariamman, a 1986 Tamil film.

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