Otto II, Count of Habsburg

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Otto II, Count of Habsburg
Spouse(s) Hilla von Pfirt
Noble family House of Habsburg
Father Werner I, Count of Habsburg
Mother Reginlinde of Nellenburg
Died 8 November 1111(1111-11-08)

Otto II (died November 8, 1111) was a Graf of Habsburg (count) and one of the founding members of the Habsburg family. He was the son of Werner I, Count of Habsburg. In 1108, Otto accompanied Kaiser Heinrich V on a campaign against Hungary. On his return, in 1111, he was murdered. Otto was probably the first person to adopt the title "Graf von Habsburg".

He married Hilla, countess von Pfirt[1] (died c. 1076), with whom he had two children, Werner II and Adelheid.

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Translated from the German Wikipedia article, de:Otto II. (Habsburg).

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