Otto III, Duke of Carinthia

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Otto III of Carinthia
Spouse(s) Euphemia of Legnica
Noble family Meinhardiner
Father Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia
Mother Elisabeth of Bavaria
Born c.  1265
Died 25 May 1310(1310-05-25)

Otto III of Carinthia (c. 1265 – 25 May 1310) was a member of the Meinhardiner family. He was Duke of Carinthia from 1295 to 1310. He was also Count of Gorizia and Vienna. He was a son of Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia and his wife Elisabeth of Bavaria.


Otto inherited a well-organized country, as his father had laid the foundation for an efficient administration by fostering ministeriales and creating the Tyrolean Raitbuch (internal record book). Otto signed a border treaty with the neighbouring Bishopric of Brixen, establishing the confluence of the Adige and the Avisio as the border between Tyrol and Brixen. Otto's brothers Albert, Louis and Henry became vogts of the bishops of Trento.

King Albert I granted Otto several tolls. However, Otto's lavish court was a burden on his finances. Most notable of his economic policies was the expansion and securing of the market in Gries (now part of Bolzano) in 1305 competing with the market in the central town of Bolzano, which was dominated by the bishop.

Otto died in 1310 without a male heir. As his brothers Albert and Louis had already died in 1292 and 1305, respectively, he was succeeded by his youngest brother, Henry.

Marriage and issue[edit]

In 1297 Otto married Duchess Euphemia (1281–1347),[1] a daughter of Duke Henry V of Legnica.[2] They had four daughters:


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Otto III, Duke of Carinthia
Born: around 1265 Died: 25 May 1310
Preceded by
Duke of Carinthia
Succeeded by
as Henry VI
Count of Tyrol
Succeeded by
as Henry II