Oubi Buchraya Bachir

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His Excellency
Oubi Buchraya Bachir
Sahrawi Ambassador to Nigeria
Assumed office
25 July 2008
Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar
Preceded by Aliyen Habib Kentaui
Sahrawi Ambassador to South Africa
In office
19 April 2006 – 10 February 2008
Preceded by Sadafa Mohamed Bahia
Succeeded by Salah Abd Mohamed
Polisario Front Representative to Great Britain
In office
30 October 2003 – 2006
Prime Minister Abdelkader Taleb Omar
Preceded by Breika Lehbib
Succeeded by Sidi Mohamed Omar
Polisario Front Representative to the Netherlands
In office
2001 – 30 October 2003
Prime Minister Bouchraya Hammoudi Bayoun
Personal details
Born 1970
Political party POLISARIO
Residence Abuja,  Nigeria
Alma mater University of Paris, France
Occupation Diplomat
Sahrawi Arab Democratic
Republic (SADR)
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politics and government of
the SADR

Oubi Buchraya Bachir (born 1970[1]) is the current Sahrawi ambassador to Nigeria, with a base in Abuja.[2] He earned a doctorate in History at the University of Paris[3] and a master's degree in "Conflicts, Peace and Development" at James I University in Castellón de la Plana.[4] He speaks Hassaniya (a variety of Arabic), French and Spanish.

Diplomatic postings[edit]

He started his diplomatic career in 2001, being appointed as the Sahrawi representative for the Netherlands, based in The Hague.[5] In late 2003, he moved to London, as the Sahrawi representative to the United Kingdom and Ireland.[6]

In 2006, he replaced Sadafa Mohamed Bahia as the Sahrawi ambassador to South Africa.[7] In July 2008, he replaced Aliyen Habib Kentaui, presenting this credentials as ambassador to Nigerian President Umaru Musa Yar'Adua.[8] Between 2010 and 2011 he acted first as special envoy[9] and then as non-resident ambassador to Ghana, until the accreditation in late 2011 of Mahayub Sidina, the first Sahrawi resident ambassador in Accra.


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