Oulu University Hospital

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Oulu University Hospital
Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
Oulu University Hospital 2007 08 19.JPG
Hospital buildings
LocationKontinkangas, Oulu, FI
Coordinates65°00′27″N 025°31′07″E / 65.00750°N 25.51861°E / 65.00750; 25.51861Coordinates: 65°00′27″N 025°31′07″E / 65.00750°N 25.51861°E / 65.00750; 25.51861
FundingPublic hospital
Hospital typeTeaching
Affiliated universityUniversity of Oulu
Bedsca. 900

Oulu University Hospital (OUH, Finnish: Oulun yliopistollinen sairaala, OYS) is a university hospital in Oulu, Finland. It is the northernmost of the five university hospitals in Finland.[2]

The Oulu University Hospital is affiliated with the University of Oulu, and it is used as a teaching hospital by the Faculty of Medicine. The hospital was established in 1973. In 1963–1972 the teaching hospital of the university was the Oulu provincial hospital.[1] The hospital serves as the central hospital for Northern Ostrobothnia region. It was previously named as Oulu University Central Hospital (Finnish: Oulun yliopistollinen keskussairaala, OYKS).

The hospital is owned and operated by the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District (Finnish: Pohjois-Pohjanmaan sairaanhoitopiiri) which is a joint municipal authority responsible for production of specialized medical services in the region. It also owns and operates two other hospitals: Oulaskangas Hospital in Oulainen and Visala Hospital in Ylivieska.[2]


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